Consulting engagements

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Digitera offers a variety of consulting practice types  :

Product management

Product management activities are strategic in nature. They lay the groundwork for the years to come. A product management consulting engagement involves asking and answering major questions such as :

  • What is / are the market pain(s) ?
    • Which market pain is most likely to cause the customer to purchase
  • What do we sell ?
    • Now and in the future
  • What are the target market segments ?
    • How do we divide the market ?
  • Who is the customer ?
    • Who are the different personas involved in the purchase decision ?
    • Who will ultimately use the product and what are the different contexts (aka use cases) in which the product will be used ?
  • What is the business model ? (aka how do we make money)
    • One-time or recurring revenues ? Do any maintenance fees apply ?
  • How much do we charge ?
    • For the core product vs. ancillary services
  • Who are our competitors ?
    • Direct competitors vs. partial competitors
  • How will or should the product or solution evolve over time ?
    • What is the process for capturing, validating and prioritizing market requirements ?

Digitera leverages the Pragmatic Marketing Framework as a starting point for working with you to answer such strategic questions.

Product marketing

Product marketing activities are more tactical in nature. With the larger questions answered by a product management consulting engagement, and making sure to leverage the longer lasting themes they provide, we turn our attention to marketing the product or solution to target customers. Specific questions answered by product marketing efforts are :

  • How, when and where will we introduce the product or solution ?
  • What is the plan for getting and signing customers ?
  • Where will we find and target prospective customers ?
  • How do we get in front of customers in the first place ?
  • What are the key messages ?
    • What are messages that won’t change over time, such as the intrinsic product qualities ?
    • What are the messages required for specific promotional activities ?
  • What are the various tools required to support the buying cycle ?
    • Electronic and print documentation, demos, etc.
    • Which tools are required for which buyer personas ?
  • What are the various calls to action at the different stages of the buying cycle ?
  • What activities are required to support sales objectives ?
  • What tools and support do we provide to channel partners ?
  • How will be retain customers ?
  • How will success be measured and evaluated ?

Digitera leverages the Pragmatic Marketing Framework as a starting point for the development of product plans, sales tools and channel training, as well as customer-facing collateral.

Business development

Digitera sees business development as a distinct activity from sales, specifically in-house sales teams. Business development activities are designed to grow the footprint of the business in terms of markets, geographies, etc., by leveraging the sales expertise of 3rd parties with existing customer relationships.

As part of a business development consulting engagement, Digitera can help design both channel development and channel management programs, with the latter offering a program of incentives to achieve channel targets and desired partner behaviours as well as clear statements regarding expectations of channel partners.

Channel development does not exist in a vacuum, and it is subject to the same internal and external resource availability issues as for in-house sales efforts. As part of the design of a channel program, Digitera will work with you to operationalize channel recruitment efforts relative to channel / overall sales objectives and resource availability.

Partner ecosystem development

Partner ecosystems are a critical tool in improving the time to market for new solutions, easing the passage of new solutions into legacy environments, as well as ensuring the continued success of existing offerings. They usually take a long time to establish and, unfortunately, will wither if not properly cared for. A partner ecosystem development consulting engagement with Digitera will :

  • Map out the current (where existing) vs. the desired technology partner ecosystem
  • Operationalize channel recruitment efforts relative to channel / overall sales objectives
  • Address issues such as success metrics as well as securing commitments within the partner and the organization, etc.
  • Design the various outreach activities to achieve ecosystem build-out

Strategic planning

With a strategic planning consulting engagement, and leveraging a planning framework developed in a multibillion dollar corporation, Digitera will work with you to design a corporate strategic plan over 1, 2, 3 years or more, featuring:

  • Strategic imperatives (company level)
  • Priorities (functional groups)
  • Initiatives & activities
  • Deliverables & dates
  • Timelines and calendar
  • Targets
  • Risk factors & mitigation
  • Budgets
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Key success factors

Project management

A project management consulting engagement from Digitera is ideal for projects of various size and scope,  including:

  • Product launches
  • Trade shows
    • Booth design and construction, logistics, personnel scheduling, messaging, collateral production, etc.
    • We have experience producing trade shows around the world
  • Corporate events
    • Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly
  • Customer roadshows / customer presentations
  • Analyst tours
  • Other initiatives


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