Leverage our experience to become more effective personally and improve the performance of others.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Managers


We will help you identify your strategic objectives, the tactical activities required to support them, the timetables according to which they should take place, and the resources available to make them happen.


Working with your existing plan and objectives, we will provide you with the feedback and counsel you need to execute both strategic and tactical activities efficiently and effectively.


Helping you to understand what motivates individual employees or team members, we will work with you to identify tasks or projects that support each individual’s professional development objectives while ensuring that company goals are achieved.

Working with Digitera

Digitera offers a variety of contractual arrangements that recognize the time and resource constraints of its customers. These contractual arrangements range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring fixed schedule and/or ongoing retainer-based consulting engagements.

Digitera has also developed a project methodology—focused on desired outcomes—that is designed to minimize the oversight requirements of its customers, freeing them to focus on their own day-to-day business challenges.

Contact us to start a discussion about your business needs and how Digitera can craft a solution for you.