Busy 12 months

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The last 12 months have been particularly busy here at Digitera, especially since the move to Place Ville-Marie, as we welcomed a number of new customers on board. These include Nubik, a consulting firm that implements Salesforce and other cloud-based business productivity solutions; TELUS Health, the healthcare solutions arm of the national telecommunications service provider; Skydel Solutions, a provider of … Read More

New digs for Digitera

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As the winter came to a close, we took the opportunity to move Digitera’s offices to new digs. We now call Place Ville Marie, Montreal’s most iconic office building, home. We’re over there on the left in building #3, the original home of WeWork in Montreal.

Clarity: the gift that keeps on giving

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One of the first things we do when starting a new customer engagement is to ask a series of basic questions about the target market, the target personas (the buyers and sellers to be interacted with), the market pain that is being solved, the thing or things that are unique about the customer’s offering, etc. (It must be something about … Read More

Best practices for business presentations

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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to make presentations to a broad variety of constituencies in a broad variety of business situations (sales calls, trade shows, courses, etc.) Unfortunately, delivering a solid presentation is not just about the content of the presentation, though that definitely does count. How you present is also as important, though the relative weighting … Read More

There's lean and then there's lean

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In the world of technology start-ups, particularly software-based ones, there is nothing more hotter or critical than the philosophy of The Lean Startup, which proposes an iterative approach to determining what the market values and then building a solution to meet it. At Digitera, we use that philosophy for the purpose of strategic planning and provide consulting services to customers … Read More

Tales from the Frontline – Episode 2 – The numbers don't add up

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This post is part of a series, Tales from the Frontline. (Image: https://flic.kr/p/6AJr93) Every time you present to a customer or to an investor—or to anyone whose time or money you want—they are looking for reasons to say “No”.  Making a mistake with numbers just hastens that result. If you think about it, unless you are working with an existing customer … Read More

Tales from the Frontline – Episode 1 – We have no competitors

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Image: https://flic.kr/p/dmjdmE Digitera was founded on the premise that many organisations are strong on technology but would benefit from assistance on the marketing and business front. As such, we have the opportunity from time to time to work with entrepreneurs looking to take their products to market, to secure investment funding, etc. So while we see some interesting product ideas, business models, … Read More

The business model, billing, provisioning, customer support and more

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(Image credit: Richard P J Lambert; https://flic.kr/p/oG1Uw3) One of the first questions to ask for any business is, « What is the business model? » Answering that question inevitably means first talking about billing. It’s where the rubber hits the road, where the theoretical becomes the real. Or not. Billing is everything Working for a phone company, there was a saying: « Billing is … Read More

More constraints and creativity

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In a previous article, I discussed the interplay between constraints and creativity. Constraints throughout history I thought it would worthwhile following it up with some historical examples, ranging from ancient times to the very present. Cuneiform tablets Made out of clay, the cuneiform tablet has a limited amount of space to write. If you make a mistake, you can’t really … Read More