Mental maps and the importance of analogies

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One of the first challenges when presenting a business or an idea to a prospective customer, employee, or business partner is helping that person ‘wrap their head around’ what exactly it is. Another way of thinking of this is as a mental map. Usually this means that the person is looking to relate what they already know to whatever it is … Read More

Tales from the Frontline – Episode 1 – We have no competitors

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Image: Digitera was founded on the premise that many organisations are strong on technology but would benefit from assistance on the marketing and business front. As such, we have the opportunity from time to time to work with entrepreneurs looking to take their products to market, to secure investment funding, etc. So while we see some interesting product ideas, business models, … Read More

The business model, billing, provisioning, customer support and more

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(Image credit: Richard P J Lambert; One of the first questions to ask for any business is, “What is the business model?” Answering that question inevitably means first talking about billing. It’s where the rubber hits the road, where the theoretical becomes the real. Or not. Billing is everything Working for a phone company, there was a saying: “Billing is … Read More