Strategic Marketing Consulting for Technology Companies

Marketing consulting

Digitera provides strategic marketing consulting services to technology-focused entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and large organizations active in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web and mobile applications,  telecommunications hardware & value-added services (VAS), and technology-rich professional services.

Key business challenges

Digitera helps answer key business challenges such as:

  • Capturing and making sense of market needs
  • Articulating and communicating the value of a product or solution
  • Having a plan to execute on the future, its opportunities and its challenges
  • Growing geographical or market coverage
  • Developing founders or employees through mentoring and coaching

Marketing consulting offerings

Digitera’s marketing consulting offerings include product management, product marketing, business development, strategic planning, and project management. We can provide a broad variety of deliverables for each of these services.

We have a developed a series of tailored digital marketing solutions that provide organizations with a clear picture of where they stand in their online marketing efforts, a plan to revitalize them, and the on-demand marketing resources they need to continue the momentum.

Finally, we also offer coaching and mentoring services for entrepreneurs and managers.

Working with Digitera

Digitera offers a variety of arrangements that recognize the time and resource constraints of its customers. These range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring, fixed schedule to ongoing, retainer-based consulting engagements.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can craft a solution that recognizes your business’ unique challenges and reality.

Why Digitera

The value of Digitera is in the unique blend of experience, perspective, and approach that we provide to each client. We are marketing technologists that are equally at ease using and recommending technology as we are at understanding and articulating market and customer needs.

Digitera has developed a methodology focused on desired outcomes that is designed to free customers to focus on day-to-day business challenges.

Simply put, Digitera provides the digital savoir-faire™ that enables technology-focused companies to deliver on their promise to customers and their potential to investors.